Terms & Conditions | Payment & Refunds

These Terms of Service are subject to revision without notice. The Client must read and understand the below terms before entering into a commission agreement with the Artist. The Artist refers to the commissioned artist (Evlon). Client refers to the commissioner (one purchasing the work) of the specific piece. This ToS is meant only to cover non-commercial, personal use work. Works for any external projects (commercial or non-commercial) must have a private contract agreed upon by both parties.

If you have any questions or concerns about the terms please contact Evlon. By sending payment, the Client agrees that they have both read and understood the ToS.

Terms and Conditions

  • Commissions must be ordered via a forum on the artist's portfolio, or via private message on the same website in which the artist has advertised for work. This is to ensure good records. Requests made via IM or public forum are not valid unless specified by the artist at that time.

  • The Artist will not create any depiction of illegal activities, sexually explicit (x-rated) materials, or hateful/racist imagery. Mature or adult works may only be commissioned by persons 18 years or older, and the work is a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the artist.

  • The Artist has the right to refuse any commission request without question.

  • The Artist will keep the Client aware of the progress of their work via the Artist's Work Queue. Progress images may also be posted by the Artist to the artist's art blog. Posts displaying progress images to the blog should be considered up to date and current with progress on work. Time sensitive works may be requested by the Client to be withheld from the blog.

  • The Artist retains the right to display the commission on any personal-use website (e.g. portfolio, blog, etc.) or online/offline art gallery. If the commission is time-sensitive, the Artist will delay public display of the art at the request of the Client.

  • The Artist reserves full rights to the image, including but not limited to its use/distribution (i.e., to create prints, merchandise, etc.) unless otherwise agreed upon by the Client and Artist. Rights to the image for the Client's own non-personal use may be discussed and purchased after work has been completed if desired.

  • The Artist may recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by the Commissioner for other commissions or personal works.

  • The Client may not re-distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the commission, beyond the resale of the original, traditional media commission, or as it applies to the terms of service agreed upon in a commercial purpose commission as described in this ToS.

  • If the commission is for commercial purposes, the Artist must be notified prior to the start of work. Commercial use of the commission will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis, and will result in an increased price. New terms of service must be written and agreed upon before the start of work.

  • The Artist is not responsible for printing digital art commission(s). Digital art commission(s) will be uploaded to Nations Photo Lab, or other printing service, and made available to the Client for purchase at cost (i.e., no markup), or a print file will be provided to the Client for local printing. Note: The Client is responsible for any shipment cost.

  • The Client may not exhibit the Artist's commission in any commercial website (e.g., Tumblr, etc.) or personal-use website (e.g., Facebook, blog, etc.), nor may the Client display the work in any online/offline art gallery, without clearly displaying the Artist's name and notifying the Artist of use. This includes crops of works, in such cases where an image is cropped in such a manner where the Artist's signature has been removed the Client is obligated to credit the Artist upon the image (e.g., Using a text version of the Artist's name: Evlon). When possible the Client must provide a link to the Artist's portfolio or gallery along with the work.

  • The Client may re-size/crop the commission to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, as long as it continues to comply with all terms put forth in this TOS.

  • The Client understands and accepts that the Artist owns both dogs and cats, which are frequently in the workspace. As such the commissioner agrees that any allergic issues which may arise from having works shipped to them are not the responsibility of the Artist and may take no legal action against the Artist for such issues. The Client is responsible for informing the Artist of any allergies to materials (e.g., Wool, cotton, etc.) and the Artist takes no responsibility for the Client failing to do so.

  • Payment and Refunds

  • PayPal payments are the preferred method of payment. Payments sent using PayPal must not be marked as a gift; in most cases the Artist will send an invoice for the commission cost. Money orders or cash may be mailed at the risk of the Client. Any loss in the mail is not the responsibility of the Artist.

  • All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for sending the correct amount, equal to the listed U.S. dollar amount.

  • The Artist requires a 50% down payment on all commissions. For illustrations (digital & traditional) this payment is due upon the Client being provided with a rough sketch of the work. For yarn tails, payment is due upon order approval. No work shall be made to orders until payment is made after it has been made clear to the commissioner that payment is due.

  • Full payment is due upon completion of the commission. The Artist may send a proof to the Client of the work, however, they shall not receive the original commission (shipped or made. The Client is not permitted to display or redistribute the work in any way until payment is complete.

  • The Artist reserves the right to place unpaid for work up for public or private sale if the Client does not pay for the work within two weeks of completion, or gives reasonable cause to delay payment to the Artist. "Reasonable cause" is to be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Artist. Failure of the Client to remain in contact after work is complete, but unpaid for, may result in work being marked as unclaimed and placed up for public sale.

  • Cancelation of work by the Client before work has been started will result in a refund of 100% of payments received by the Artist. This does not include any fees applied to payment sent through a payment service (e.g., Paypal) taken from payment before the Artist received it.

  • Cancelation of work by the Client after work has been started, but before work is marked 50% completed on the artist's work queue, will result in a refund of all payments except for the initial downpayment of 50% of the total commission fee. The works may be reused or sold by the Artist. The Client may not use or claim any production work on the commission after cancelation for any reason.

  • Cancelation of work by the Client after work has passed the 50% completion on the artist's work queue will result in no refund of any payments made towards the work at that point. The works may be reused or sold by the Artist. The Client may not use or claim any production work on the commission after cancelation for any reason.

  • Cancelation of work by the Artist at any time will result in a total refund of any payments sent by the Client. The works may be reused or sold by the Artist. After which point the Client may not use or claim any production work on the commission after cancelation for any reason.

  • Revisions to the work may be requested by the Client at the sketch stage of work only, with a limit of three. Additional changes will be charged to the commissioner at a rate of 1USD each. Major changes (e.g., complete redraws, full change of pose, etc.) will be charged to the Client in the current value of the Artist's sketch commission rate. Very small edits may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Artist after the sketch stage of work has been passed.

  • The Artist is not responsible for shipping costs of the commission; the Client is responsible for shipment cost. The cost may include packaging, postage, and other shipping related fees.

  • The Artist is not responsible for items lost in the mail. Commissions sent through the USPS will include insurance covering double the cost of the commission for U.S. Clients only. In such cases of loss or damage due to shipping the Client is to contact the Artist so a claim may be filed with the USPS. After a claim has been approved by the USPS the Client may receive a refund of the initial commission fee or a replacement (but not both). International items are unable to be insured and are not covered by the USPS, and, therefore inelegible for coverage of loss or damage.