I prefer PayPal as payment.
I do accept money orders and mailed cash, but it is at your own risk.
I may not be held responsible if they are lost in the mail.
If you use PayPal I will send an invoice to the email you provided. make sure it is correct.

I require 50% of the payment for Yarn Tails upfront, and the other half upon completion but before shipping. This is to help offset the materials cost of your tail. You have 2 weeks to contact/pay me after I notify you that it is complete. Failure to respond will result in the tail being placed for public sale at full commission price. It is vital to stay in contact.

Payment for Digital and Traditional media commissions is due after the initial sketch.
+You may make 3 revisions/edits to the sketch.
+Additional changes will cost $1.
+Major changes like complete redraws or full changes of pose will require payment in the value of sketch commission.

All shipping and printing cost are not included in the prices listed unless otherwise stated. If you would like an estimate of shipping cost simply give me the zip code along with your commission information. Please know they will be rough estimates. Items are shipped through the USPS. Commissions are packed with care to prevent damage during shipping. In addition, all commissions shipped within the US receive insurance to cover the replacement cost of remaking the art if lost or stolen.

Tip Jar
If you'd like to show your appreciation for our services with a voluntary extra payment, just like a tip in a restaurant. Even a small tip is appreciated! Thank you in advance for even considering a tip!