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This Seasons' Yarn Tail Orders are Open!

Each tail is 100% hand crafted using only yarn and thread. They are highly flexible, durable and may be brushed. If you would like more information about yarn tails, or have questions please take a look at the information pages.

I count colours by the skein. If you order a tail which uses a skein of yarn which contains multiple colours in it, it will count as one colour. If I must hand mix the colour from two skeins of yarn, it is counted as two colours. I will always inform you if the cost of your tail is going to change due to having to hand mix colours to achieve the desired effect.

Most patterning is achieved by sewing yarn into the pattern. However, some more complex patterns may be air brushed onto the tail. This both speeds up the work time, as well as improves marking quality. This is reserved for the smaller work that is impossible to achieve via only yarn. Airbrushed sections are thoroughly brushed and painted to ensure the highest quality of both look and feel.

Difference between thickness and types
As you might have noticed we offer a variety of options when ordering your tail! This is just as important as your colour and patterning decisions in trying to capture a certain look or feel. I have provided information on each style of tail offered on our FAQ Pge, or you may choose to view our galleries of finished tails for a more visual idea of how they differ from eachother. Be sure to review your options, or even send me an email if you are not quite sure, or would like some comparisons.

Buying A Tail
You may continue on to fill out an order for a custom made tail, or check what is in stock at the Etsy Shop. All tails listed in the Etsy shop are finished and ready for immediate shipping. If you would like to have your tail before a certain date please let me know. If you need your tail as soon as is possible make it a rush order.

Prices are based upon cost of materials and construction time. Longer or fluffier tails take more materials and time to make, and therefore cost more.
If your tail requires a very specific colour (ie, blue- royal blue) it may effect the materials cost, as some colours can be harder for me to locate, or require special ordering.

Prices are expressed as preice per inch.
Most tails includes 2 colours of your choice as well as a sturdy clip! (Keychains do not come with a clip)
If you're looking for a more natural look to your fur, try out our blended yarns!
There is a minimum length of 6 inches on most tails. Extra fluffy tails are a minimum length of 20 inches.

Original Kitty Extra Fluffy*
Per Inch 2.50 2.25 4.00
Extra Options

Per Extra Colour +2.00 +1.00 +4.00
Rush Order +20.00 +20.00 +40.00
Blended Yarn (per inch) +0.50 +0.50 +1.00
* Extra fluffy tails are by prearrangement only. Please contact me about ordering one before placing your order due to the amount of time and materials needed to create a this style tail.

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