This section is a collection of questions, answers, and information that I am frequently having to tell people. If you have a question please check here, I may have already answered it. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for information on specific things please use one of the links above.

Some general questions:
Q: Are you open for request?

A: No, at the moment I am too busy with commissions and various projects. In addition, I don't do work for free as a rule.

Q: How about trades?

A: I am mostly closed for trades unless your work really interests me. You can try sending an email but I may be too busy or uninterested.

Q: Can I use your art for ____?

A: No, I work hard on my art and using it is disrespectful to me as an artist, and to the commissioner if it is a commissioned piece.

Q: Can I post your art on ____?

A: Sure, post it around tumblr, facebook or what have you. I only require that you credit & link back to me!

Q: I really want to commission you on ____ game, can I?

A: Unless I state on a game I am open for commissions no. Just keep an eye out for me opening commissions in the game. You are however free to email me through my site at any time for commission info!

Q: Your queue looks pretty full should I commission you or wait?

A: You should send in the order now so you can get on the list. If I feel like I have too much or am unable to do your work in a timely manner I will tell you via email.

Q: Wait I saw you play some games, what are they?

A: I play Furry-Paws, , and Subeta. I am also on Pocket Puma Pets as a site artist. That`s it. If you see an Evlon it is either an old account on a game I no longer play or someone else.

Q: Do you go to any conventions where I can meet you?

A: I have never been to a convention. There has always been a conflict with time, money or transportation. I would like to attend one at some time, but I do not foresee this happening in the near future. I do however go to car shows, rein fairs, and Native American events!

Q: What language do you speak?

A: My primary language is English. If you try and contact me in another language I will attempt my best at using google translator to figure things out. I will also send a copy of my original English message. It's not the best but it`s workable.

Q: How did you learn how to do ____?

A: I learned the basics somewhere [in class, online tutorial, studying] and then learned the rest by trial and error. I am a very hands-on type of person and love to learn new things by doing them.

Q: Could you teach me how to do ____?

A: Please email me for serious tutoring inquires! Make sure to include at least a general idea of what you are wanting to learn in your email.

Tail FAQ - Care Guide - Cleaning & Repair - Types of Tails - Yarn Options

Tail FAQ
Q: Are you using real fur, and how do you dye it?

A: Nope! They are all made from yarn! I'm glad you think I did, though, means I've done really well in making these look like real fur! I just buy the colours of yarn I need, or in some cases blend different colours together if I can't exactly find the right shade.

Q: 100% Yarn as in wool or acrylic?

A: Acrylic. My yarn tails are completely underived from animals. I figure if I am going to make faux tails, might as well go all the way and cut any and all animal products from them.

Q: Can you teach me to make tails?

A: I'm not a great teacher, so not really. I'm still constantly improving and changing how I make my own tails so trying to explain things would actually be pretty confusing.

Q: Would you ever post a tutorial on your methods?

A: Again, I'm really bad at making tutorials or explaining my processes for these.

Q: How long do these take?

A: Really depends on how hard it is to get the yarn, how long the tail is, and how complicated the markings are.

Q: How easy is it to clean/maintain the tails after use?

A: Depends on what you did to get it dirty. If it's just messy looking, or even caught a few sticks and leaves from rolling around on the ground outside like I've done just brushing it with a slicker brush is all it really needs! If it was something wet and dried into the fur you may need to send it back to me for cleaning & repair.

Q: I saw some really clean & complex patterning on a tail, how did you do it?

A: Sometimes a commissioner wants a pattern that isn't possible with just yarn so I paint it on with an airbrush. I'm still developing my technique in this area, trying to get colour richness without making the fur feel like it has been painted. I try to do most of my work with just yarn, though, I feel it looks better and will last longer that way.

Q: I saw a tail in your gallery I want, can I buy it?

A: Unless the tail is tagged for sale on the image then it's either a commission or already sold. You may, however, commission me to make you one similar to it. Simply let me know which tail you'd like to use as a reference.

Q: How do you make the fur look shiny?

A: It's partly the brands I'm using, I've tried a lot of them! As well as how I process the yarn itself. Sometimes I go for a softer more fluffy look, and others I try to make them look sleek and shiny.

Q: I see a ring on your tails, what is that?

A: It is a standard keyring, and helps by having some anchored way of attaching the tail to things. Keys, belts, wall hooks whatever they want to, it's already got a solid anchor for all of that built right in!

Q: Do you knit these from that special fur yarn?

A: Nope, can't knit at all! I use regular yarn and just process it to look like fur and then sew it onto a base.

Q: Wait, what do you sew the processed yarn onto then?

A: More yarn! I build a base from regular yarn to sew the fur onto. That way it will bend, stretch and flow with the rest of the tail. I only use three things in my tails: yarn, 1 key ring, and thread.

Care Guide
            +Brush your tail when needed with a needle slicker (found in pet department)
            +Store tail hanging by clip to keep fur from becoming bent.
            +If your tail becomes dirty use moist cloth to spot clean.
            +Never fully immerse the tail in water.
            +If the whole tail is dirty, spot clean the whole tail. Hang by clip to dry.
            +Only brush your tail after it is completely dry.
            +If you need to straighten a section, use a flat iron set on low to medium.
            +If a section comes out do not cut or pull the surrounding sections.
            +Never cut or pull sections of the tail out.
            +Do not over brush air brushed portions of your tail. This will cause the markings to fade.
            +Most importantly, never feed your tail after midnight!

Cleaning and Repair Services
          +If you damage your tail and it needs repair send back to me.
          +If you have gotten something on your tail which you are unable to clean out send back to me.
          +If you need paint touch up please send it back to me.

    I will do cleaning and repair starting at $15.
    Severely damaged repair cost varies according to the amount of work required.
    Paint touch-ups are free as long as you pay shipping both ways.
    I only guarantee my own tails to be 100% unharmed by my cleaning processes, as I have tested them on my own tails several times to perfect them. If your tail was made by someone else please follow their cleaning instructions or send to me at your own risk. Everyone's method for making tails varies, and while I know mine are ultra tough and durable to stand up to even intense cleaning I can't say the same of other makers.

Types of Tails
Click any of the types we offer to see a gallery of finished tails in that style for a better idea of what they look like!

These are the standard tails and original style that I started with. They may come in any length or colour and are perfect for wearing or just hanging up. These tails are beautiful, fluffy and thick and can even fool people into thinking it is a real animal tail! They work great for most canines or similar animals.

Kitty Tails
Looking for something longer than a mini tail, but still want that beautiful sleek look? Then look no further, this is for you! These tails are long like our original tails, but use shorter fur to make them perfect for longer feline tails or similar animals.

Extra Fluffy
Looking for that extra plush look? At nearly double the width of our original tails, these are absolutely huge! Created to mimic the luxuriously thick look of big cats like snow leopards, these are always sure to be an eye-catcher in any situation.

Key Chains
These tails are smaller than the original ones in both length, width and price! They are made using the same techniques as the original tails and are just as durable. All of which makes them perfect for going with you anywhere!

Yarn Options

Yarn Types
Q: What program(s) do you use?

A: I used to use an assortment of programs, including GIMP,, OpenCanavas, & SAI. Anymore I use 90% SAI, and 10% Photoshop, for re-sizing and other post illustration processing. So, I illustrate in SAI, re-size, crop, etc in PS.

Q: How are you recording your screen?

A: Currently I use VLC to record, but have used LiveStream and Open Broadcaster in the past. I then use windows movie maker to do all of my editing.

Q: So wait, you use windows and not mac?

A: Correct, I am very much a windows person. I do not like the mac operating system and how it works. I am currently running on Windows 10.

Q: Can you send me files of your brushes?

A: Actually I use the basic brushes to draw and just slightly modified them by changing the pressure sensitivity and smoothness. In addition, SAI does not import/export brush files or settings.

Q: How are you able to draw clean lines?

A: I try to do them in one fast stroke if I didn't get it right the first time I just undo it and keep doing it until it is right. For detailed stuff, I really zoom in so I can tell what I`m doing.

Q: What kind of tablet do you use?

A: I currently use a VisTablet Muse.

Q: What do you paint with?

A: It's hard to say since I like to use different media. Mostly I use acrylic paint, ink and watercolours. I also like to water down a lot of my stuff because I like the softer colours and the depth I can achieve through layering them.

Q: What kind of paper do you use?

A: Again, it kinda depends on what I am doing. The majority of what I use now is bristol as it accepts the widest range of media, and can take a lot more abuse than regular paper. Sometimes I will use cardstock or watercolour paper. For sketches, I generally use run of the mill sketch paper.

Q: What kind of pencil do you use?

A: I use a mechanical 7.0 pencil. Every so often I might use my actual drawing pencils, but I find mechanical ones to be much more convenient.

Q: What brand do you use for ____?

A: Markers - Assortment of Chartpac and Prisma Colour
        Colour Pencils - Lyra, Derwent and occasionally RoseArt.
        Acrylic Paint - Basics and Folk Art (I prefer Basics though)
        Ink - Windsor & Newton is my preferred ink, sometimes I do use Bombay if I can't get the colour I need otherwise.

Q: Sometimes you have a really detailed sketch, but then I see it inked and the paper is really clean how did you erase it?

A: Actually I didn't erase it. Sometimes I draw out a finished sketch on cheaper paper then transfer it to the better paper via a light table.

Q: How do you make your ____ look so clean/nice?

A: Don't make mistakes? No really, I just get used to how that medium works and then let it do its own thing. If I make a minor mistake I try to work with it and make it just part of the art instead of worrying too much about erasing or covering it up.

If you would like to send me artwork to be critiqued or red lined please simply send it to me at one of the provided contacts below. Please be aware that art is subjective, therefore, all feedback that you receive is purely my own thoughts and ideas based on your piece. You may submit traditional as well as digital work to be critiqued. Please upload your piece to an image hosting site if possible and simply include a link as well as any portions you particularly wish to have looked over.

Critique is a very important tool for all artist to help improve their work. Others may know how to fix areas of your work that you may not have even realized had issues.

If you wish for me to red line a piece please feel free to ask for such. While I will not draw your art for you, I am able to help with positioning and anatomy issues. I am not perfect so changes I suggest may not be entirely correct, feel free to edit your work as you please.

This is a free service, provided purely as a help to other artists.  As such I do these when I have free time to do so. Please do not demand or beg that your work is critiqued faster or immediately, as sometimes it is simply not possible.

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